1. jxonhxxjin

    favourite kpop debuts (girl groups)

    which kpop debuts are your favourite? ——— for me it’s probably: into the new world - snsd favOriTe - loona like ooh-ahh - twice dalla dalla - itzy drip - hinapia ——— sorry if i missed any!
  2. Saythename17

    The top 03 most famous grps/soloists in each entertainment company

    Guys, I want your help to create my YouTube videos regarding K-pop! So, put the top 3 famous grps or soloists of each entertainment company! Here's some help! Bighit entertainment:- BTS, TXT JYP Entertainment:- 2PM, TWICE, GOT7, DAY6, 15&, Stray Kids, JJ Project, Jus2, 3Racha, ITZY, J.Y. Park...
  3. jxonhxxjin

    favourite kpop comebacks of 2019? (girl group edition)

    what are some of your favourite girl group comebacks of 2019? — im sorry if i missed any! (which i most likely did)
  4. xiuxiu

    Who are you? | EXO Fanfiction

    ~Y/N pov~ I began heading home after hanging out with some friends of mine during the weekend. I used a shortcut into an alley to get home immediately because some streets of Seoul are dark and disturbing at nighttime. As I was beginning to get further and deeper into the alley, I began hearing...
  5. jxonhxxjin

    first kpop song you ever listened to??

    hey! what’s the first kpop song you listened to? for me it’s gangnam style, but i was unaware that it was kpop, so technically the first kpop song i heard was bs&t by bts :D
  6. JangMunik


    X-SPEED will be a new boy band.The fandom name is Spinner Group will have 4 members with names Jung Jiho = Sean X (leader) Tashiro Shintani = Xin Ashton = 707 (known as "seven") Jeon Jiwoon = Jiwoon (maknae) Sean X and Jiwoon are Korean Xin is Japanese , 707 is Japanese too but he is also...
  7. Saythename17

    Learn Korean with Songs..

  8. Saythename17

    Do you know to sing a KPOP song? I mean the whole song?

    I can sing BTS's Let go... WBU?
  9. Saythename17

    Who wanna become a KPOP idol?

    I wanted to be a KPOP idol,when I started to stan Seventeen in 2016.... but I think that's a dream... Anyone living in that kind of a dream?
  10. Saythename17

    Who has K-pop Lightsticks?

    I'm so happy that my dad bought me a Seventeen lightstick on the day my exam finished (day before yesterday) ... Though my mom doesn't like kpop, my dad likes K-pop.. Me and my dad planned of buying a Seventeen lightstick and mom got to know about our plan on the day the lightstick arrived...