1. Hailz_Multifan

    Update on MONT comeback!

    Their 2nd mini album AWSOME UP will be released 25th of August ! AWSOME UP Showcase schedule! Solo Teaser photos and videos of each member! There hasn't been a group teaser pic yet but just looking at the members readers has made me so excited...
  2. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    My URSTYLE Kpop Outfits

    I made some kpop outfits inspired by some of my kpop groups and favourite songs and I wanted to post them on here to share with you NCT 127: BTS: EXO - Tempo: Monsta X: GOT7 - Eclispe: GOT7 - Eclispe (Pink Version): KNK - Sunset (White Version): KNK - Sunset (Black Version)...
  3. nobodycares

    Do you think Blackpink is overrated?

    I really love Blackpink but i think they are overrated. I mean they make good musik but other Girlgroups are more talented. BP were invited to Coachella- COACHELLA. I think other Groups deserve it more. Whats your opinion?
  4. Fo_xo

    THE8's *FASHION*

    okay let me just start off by saying that minghao isn't often talked about when people mention Kpop fashion icons, but I really appreciate his versatility in his style, he can look classy and chic, casual and chill or straight out of an anime but he still rocks every single outfit. He even...
  5. B

    Do you think Idols lurk here?

    Do you think anyone from any Kpop group lurks here on Kprofiles? As in the main site or the forums. 👀 What I think: There's a high chance they don't. But maybe they lurk on other things such as subreddits and forums? Although they are probably busy working so idk.. Just a random thought i guess...
  6. B

    Why is Chaeyoung from twice underrated?

    She's personally 'ok' in my eyes. But i don't get why she's not popular among onces.
  7. B

    Sub-unit Official 3RACHA Thread

    3RACHA is a sub-unit from the kpop group Stray Kids. The group consists of members CB97, SpearB, and which are all from Stray Kids If i remember correctly, Start Line was their debut song.
  8. B

    MYTEEN disbands { Rumors }

    I'm not sure if they actually did but I'll do updates if there's more info ...
  9. B

    Thoughts on Red Velvet - Umpah Umpah

    I was on twitter and i saw that many people disliked it, i wanted to know what ur thoughts on it is.
  10. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Kpop Bracelets I Made

    So a while ago a made some Kpop Bracelets and I wanted to show you guys the ones I made.
  11. Saythename17

    August Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings Announced

    This month's top 30 ....See whether ur bias is there!!!💕💕💕💕 ITZY’s Yeji BLACKPINK’s Jennie MAMAMOO’s Hwasa ITZY’s Yuna TWICE’s Jihyo ITZY’s Lia Red Velvet’s Irene IZ*ONE’s Jang Won Young TWICE’s Nayeon TWICE’s Mina IZ*ONE’s Kim Min Ju ITZY’s Ryujin ITZY’s Chaeryeong Red Velvet’s Joy...
  12. LizzieCornZ__

    What is your favourite and least favourite Kpop Company?

    My favourite one is CUBE (Don't Ask) and my least favourites are YG, TS and SM.
  13. Park Jaemin

    BTS -marry -kiss -boyfriend -cheat -madness -crying -kill

    Example=> Marry ~ Jimin Kiss ~ V Boyfriend ~ Jungkook Cheat ~ Suga Madness ~ J-hope Crying ~ Jin Kill ~ RM
  14. Park MikaMin

    Kpop Concerts

    Now this one I'm really curious on! Which Kpop concert did you guys go see? KCON counts too! Add dates (or the year if you don't remember the exact date), city and your experience on that day! This year I saw BTS in May at Chicago and Monsta X last month at Dallas! It was so lovely I sobbed on...
  15. Park MikaMin

    Favorite Kpop Group & Bias or Favorite Actor/Actress

    Hello!!! I'm new to this lovely forums! I'm curious, what's your favorite Kpop Group and Bias, or who's your favorite Korean Actor/Actress? You can answer both, I don't mind! Also you can do more than one of you like! ^^ I'll start but I'll do my Top 5 My favorite Kpop Groups is Stray Kids, CIX...