1. Sel1na

    Say the first group that comes to your mind when reading the word above!

    Say the first group that comes to ur mind when reading the word above: Ex. Pers 1. - cat Pers 2.- ITZY! Red? Pers 3.- G IDLE! Ocean And so on I’ll start: cute ✨
  2. Sel1na

    Do u know the song above?

    Do you know the song above? Ex.: -Do u know S Class- Skz? -Yesss! Do u know Ditto-NewJeans? -no… do u know Run-Bts? And so on! I’ll start‼️ Do u know Blue Flame- Le Sserafim??
  3. Sel1na

    Who owned NewJeans,, ASAP”era?

    Who owned NewJeans,,ASAP” era?
  4. Sel1na

    Who owned NewJeans ,,get up” era?

    Who owned NewJeans ,,get up” era?
  5. Jenniexoxo_101

    Yeji x Lia Fanpage 💗🌷

    This is a Fanmade fanpage for Yeji x Lia Feel free to talk and post videos or pictures of them! I will do some to! 💗🌷 https://m.youtube.com/shorts/vGW7HJJdiXU Cute little trend 💗
  6. Jenniexoxo_101

    All time Fav K-pop songs!

    I know it may be difficult to choose but I want to know you guys favourite k pop song or songs I can’t choose I have many so don’t feel pressured! Pls comment your answers/feel free to 💕⬇️
  7. Jenniexoxo_101

    Is Yuna a Pick Me Girl? 🌷

    Is Yuna really a Pick Me Girl? 🌷 Pls reply, your opinions ⬇️ Personally I don’t think she is she’s my bias in Itzy and people are just jealous of her I think she’s amazing! (NO HATE)
  8. Jenniexoxo_101

    Do you think Jennies outfits are appropriate?

    There has been a lot of controversy on Jennies recent outfits, claiming by fans there showing to much skin and she is gaining more haters and less fans. What do you think of it? Examples! ⬇️ (No hate)
  9. Jenniexoxo_101

    The Best Kpop Song of 2023 (So far) ❤️

    Feel free to comment your fax K-pop song of 2023 so far! ⬇️