1. nightdazed

    4pink members introduction (predebut)

    4pink is a 4 group member, they are a mixed gender group that will debut on November 12 The members are MJ (ASTRO), Yves (LOONA), Moonbin (ASTRO) & Chuu (LOONA). Fandom Name: N/A Color: Purple & Pink Stage name: MJ Birth name: Kim Myung-Jun Birthday: March 5, 1994 Position: Main...
  2. loonayoongi

    loona on tour 🥰 (yeojin ver.)

    photos the moon girls shared on social media while being on tour yeojin 🐸
  3. churrykiss

    A Formal Introduction

    Hello! I thought I would do a little introduction thread today. My name is Tori, I am eighteen, and I love ✨girl groups✨. I've been into K-Pop since 2017. My friend liked NCT so I listened to some of their music and became a fan. After looking into K-Pop more I found all these amazing girl...
  4. lynch.

    LOONAverse Thread for Theories and Discussions

    This thread is for theories and basically anything about the LOONAverse
  5. lynch.

    Loona Memes (that I kinda stole)

    i have too much time on my hands
  6. Jichu4

    Which LOONA Representive Animal/Color is your Favorite?

    LOONA: COLOR: Bright Pink, Yellow,Green, Pastel Rose, Orange, Red,Blue,Purple,Burgundy, Peach,Eden Green, Silver ANIMAL: Rabbit, Cat, White Bird, Deer, Frog, Owl, Betta Fish, Fruit Bat, Swan,Penguin, Butterfly, Wolf MINES: Swan & Eden Green
  7. ONF

    [LOONA Chuu] TWT post 09.16.20

    She's so pretty, I love these photos 🥺
  8. stanloona

    Official Chuu Thread

    CHUU OF LOONA Stage Name: Chuu Birth Name: Kim Jiwoo Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The group Birthday: October 20, 1999 Sub-Unit: yyxy Color: peach Animal: penguin - be kind - no bashing - enjoy
  9. imorbit

    member vs member

    this game requires you to choose a member out of two the last person picked. example ! person one: chuu or vivi ( loona ) person two: chuu. hyelim or yubin ( wonder girls ) person three: yubin. jisoo or rosé ( blackpink )
  10. jaeminhee

    Ranking LOONA Solos

    1. Choerry - Love Cherry Motion 2. Hyunjin - Around You 3. Gowon - One & Only 4. Haseul - Let Me In 5. Yves - New 6. Heejin - Vivid 7. Chuu - Heart Attack 8. Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain 9. Vivi - Everyday I Love You 10. Yeojin - Kiss Later 11. Kim Lip - Eclipse 12. Olivia Hye - Egoist
  11. JooHyunnie

    The Official LOONA Thread!

    This is the Official LOONA thread! Where we will appreciate all twelve of our queens in the Loonaverse ! The Rules Are Simple: 1.) No Bashing Or Hating 2.) Respect Others 3.) Have Lots of Fun Orbits! 🌙