1. advlives

    JPOP BOY GROUP YsR(仮) - Please help

    Hello everyone! 😁 I'm really new to jpop even though I'm into the kpop world for ages. I watched produce 101 japan and I wanted to know more about this kind of entertainment world. So I discovered the boy group YsR, and I know they disbanded but I wanted to know more about them. So I had some...
  2. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    PRIMAX Official Thread

    Hi, welcome to the Official Thread for PrimaX. Rules: 1. Be respectful to everyone. 2. No bashing anyone or hateful comments. 3. Have fun and enjoy. PRIMAX is currently a 7 member group. The members are Yuki Fukumoto, Win Morisaki, Daiki Shimizu, Fuminori Ogawa, Tsubasa Shimada, Kevin and...
  3. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    M!LK Official Thread

    Hi and welcome to Ofgicial M!LK Thread. Rules: 1. Respect the artist and other users 2. No bashing or hateful comments 3. Have fun and enjoy! M!LK is currently a 7 member group. The members are Sana Hayato, Itagaki Mizuki, Shiozaki Daichi, Yodhida Jinto, Ryubi, Yamanaka Jyutaro, Sono Shunta...
  4. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Suggetions for Ppop?

    Hi so I'm wondering if anyone can help me and reccomend some Ppop. I only know SB19. I would like some groups (mainly BGs, although GGs is fine too). Also i dont mind Soloists either. Thanks!
  5. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    GRiT Official Thread

    Hi, welcome to the official GRiT Thread! Rules: 1. Respect idols and other users. 2. No bashing or hateful comments 3. Have fun and enjoy! GRiT is a 3 member boygroup. The members are Goku, Ray*to and Takashi. They are a vocal and dance group and formed on the 1st February 2017. They debuted...
  6. LizzieCornZ__

    Favourite Kpop Boy Group From...

    Favourite Kpop Boy Group From... 1. YG Entertainment 2. CUBE Entertainment 3. SM Entertainment 4. JYP Entertainment 5. Starship Entertainment 6. Woollim Entertainment 7. RBW 8. YueHua Entertainment 9. Big Hit Entertainment 10. Stone Music Entertainment 11. PLEDIS Entertainment 12. Plan A 13...
  7. LizzieCornZ__

    Who is your.........bias? (Boy Group Edition)

    1. X1 Bias 2. BTS Bias 3. MONSTA X Bias 4. Stray Kids Bias 5. EXO Bias 6. ONEUS Bias 7. WINNER Bias 8. PENTAGON Bias 9. iKON Bias 10. NCT Bias 11. 1TEAM Bias 12. ATEEZ Bias 13. AB6IX Bias 14. CIX Bias 15. GOT7 Bias 16. HOTSHOT Bias 17. SEVENTEEN 18. NU'EST Bias 19. SF9 Bias 20. SUJU Bias 21...
  8. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Cpop Group / Soloist Recomendations?

    Hi can you reccomend me some more Cpop Groups or Solousts to listen to. As I want to expand my Cpop artists and music! Thanks!!!
  9. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Kpop Bracelets I Made

    So a while ago a made some Kpop Bracelets and I wanted to show you guys the ones I made.
  10. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Underrated Kpop Boygroups Pt.3

    So I made another thread. This is UKB Pt.3 for all the requests that were on Pt.2 and Pt.1 that were not included in those polls. I am sorry if I missed any and will make sure to put them in the poll for this thread as well as any new requests. I cant add or edit polls for Pt.1 or Pt.2 so I am...
  11. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Underrated Kpop Boygroups Pt.2

    So I finnally made this thread and I will add all the suggestions from Underrated Kpop Boygroups. You can make requests on here and my previous thread.
  12. SunnyV

    Favorite K-Pop Boygroups

    When I started listening to K-Pop I realised really fast that it is impossible for me to like just one group. There are so many talented artists oO I want to know who are your favorite Boygroups :daebak: 1. Monsta X 2. Block B 3. BTS 4. EXO 5. NCT (alle Sub-units eingeschlossen 😅) 6. WannaOne...
  13. svtsasa

    a underrated boygroup you should stan

    1the9: 1the9 is a group formed by the survival show under nineteen. the group debuted on april 13, 2019 under MBK entertainment. Their fandom name is wonderland and official colors lime punch. Members Yongha: leader, lead rapper Taewoo: Vocalist Seunghwan: Lead dancer, lead vocalist...
  14. svtsasa

    do we have the same bias?

    seventeen - hoshi stray kids - minho Izone - hyewon day6 - jae Twice - tzuyu 1the9 - sungwon, yechan Fromis_9 - chaeyoung Got7 - jb Nct - winwin, renjun, jisung Red velvet - yeri Exo - sehun, suho Clc - elkie Monsta X - hyungwon Shinee - taemin Wjsn - yeoreum Everglow - mia Nuest -...
  15. daydreamcem

    describe your favorite kpop group without using their name

    can y’all tell me who your favorite kpop group is without saying their name?? let’s make a fun guessing game out of it hehe
  16. darian

    lightweight underrated boy group songs you should check out!

    these songs arent all super underrated, but some definitely are. im not too good at the guides and stuff so i thought my first post should be something that others could contribute to easily, and can give people looking for something new a few suggestions! this wont have too too many songs so...