1. ashxxq

    Any anime similar to Death Note?

    Can y'all recommend animes similar to death note and that are not so long but still good? Im interested in psychology/murder cases or supernatural <3
  2. Kakiko

    What Are Your Favorite Anisons (Anime Songs)?

    I originally was going to make this an op song thread only, but then I remembered about vanilla salt from toradora, and I knew I couldn't keep it out of this thread. I'm very interested to see what you guys pick. I prefer for you to format it in media or just link it, but you can also just say...
  3. Mikasa Ackerman

    Random Thoughts Thread {Anime Edition}

    Basically just like the title says, here's your random anime thoughts thread! Have fun!
  4. Mikasa Ackerman

    Animes that everyone loves but you just can't get into

    For me, it's Naruto. I don't know why, but probably because it has more than 1000 episodes which I can never imagine watching.
  5. anmybeloved

    Fangs Recolor Shop

    Hello! <3 I'm Fang This thread is for my character recolors You can suggest re-colors or just look at the ones I'll have posted {eventually} Recolor Requests are free! I only re-color animated characters, no humans. So I can re-color Klee from Genshin Impact to have blue hair but I can't recolor...
  6. iixy

    Your comfort character (anime ver.)

    Personally I have comfort characters for everything. Also comfort items LOL- For anime, personally these are my comfort characters! Sayaka Igarashi (Kakegurui) Yuriko Nishinotouin (Kakegurui) Mikan Tsumiki (Danganronpa) Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa) Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx) Ryota Suzui...
  7. lynch.

    ◤Dio Brando Thread◢

    Dio is the main antagonist in Jojo's Bizarre Adventures I just made a thread for him because I think he's cute 😌✨
  8. red riot114

    Jealousy a Jealous/yandere kiri x Y/N ff

    This is for @Love_alize071313 Y/N was walking down the hall ways minding her own busisness until she bump into someone and fall to the ground ¨oww that hurts..¨ ¨omg! are you ok?!¨ You look up to too a red hair boy standing in front of you. ¨I am so sorry i wasnt looking where i was going...
  9. red riot114

    FFs Request

    If i didnt put a ship you want on here let me know
  10. C

    Kare Kano Offcial thread

    Please be repectful and nice. I will fix some stuff and add some stuff later because I know I want to but here you go. This is one of my all time favorite romance amines. But sadly it got cancelled because the company was too poor to keep it going on. And you should definitely go read the manga...
  11. Mikasa Ackerman

    ♕Sρҽƈιαʅ A Oϝϝιƈιαʅ Tԋɾҽαԃ♕

    S.A (スペシャル·エー) is a manga by Maki Minami. The series started serialization in the magazine The Hana to Yume in 2003, and moved to the biweekly magazine Hana to Yume in 2004, after running for four chapters. The series ended after 99 chapters on the 19th March 2009. Special A has been licensed...
  12. Hyunlina Tozaki

    Anime! ^^

    How many of you watch anime? ^^
  13. Scarlet23

    Favorite anime

    What is your favorite anime and what was the last one you watched.
  14. MultifandombutIluvshyunjin


    What are some good Animes to watch?