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ZENE THE ZILLA Profile, Facts and Ideal Type:

ZENE THE ZILLA / 제네 더 질라 is a South Korean rapper under Ambition Musik.
Debuted in 2016 with ‘하와이드림‘.

Rap Name: ZENE THE ZILLA / 제네 더 질라
Birth Name: Lee Sangyong / 이상용
Birthday: 7th of July, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 177 cm / 5’10”
Blood Type: N/A
IG: zenethezilla
Twitter: zenethezilla
SoundCloud: zenethezilla

– His MBTI is INFP-T.
– Born in Chuncheon, South Korea.
– Family: Parents, an older brother, dog.
– Has an Shih Tzu, Geonbbang.
– Speaks Korean and English.
– Joined AMBITION MUSIK in July of 2019.
– A part of the YTC4LYF, S+FE and FLOCC crews.
– Rap name comes from the Hungarian word for “music” and his favorite character Godzilla.
– Education: Hupyeong Middle School, Kangwon High School, Korea International College of Arts.
– Participated in SMTM2, SMTM777 and SMTM8.
– Used the rap name “Znsy” as a member of an underground crew called A.D.#.D until 2015.
– Officially debuted in 2016 with the EP ‘하와이드림‘.
– Released ‘작당모의‘ in Aug. of 2016 making it his SC debut.
– His latest SC ‘Falling Star‘ was released in 2019.
– He was born with curly hair.
– Used to straighten his hair until high school due to disliking his curls.
– The phone he uses is an Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra.
– Doesn’t have a driver license.
– The car he wants to get is an Audi A7.
– He loves pasta.
– Favorite Pokémon is Espeon.
– His favorite anime is Pokémon.
– Not a fan of mint chocolate.
– He doesn’t like bubble tea.
– A vape flavor he enjoys is the Aloe flavor.
– Zilla enjoys drinking gin and tonic.
– He doesn’t have any drinking habits.
– Prefers to drink Coca Cola rather than Pepsi.
– Enjoys playing video games on PlayStation.
– A fan of Gangwon FC, it’s his favorite football club.
– Zilla’s a huge fan of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.
– Cannot count his tattoos as there’s too many of them.
– He knows that he’s sexy, and that his voice is appealing.
– Enjoys joking around with fans unless it becomes too much for him.
– Zilla doesn’t wear pants when he’s at home since it’s comfy without them.
– Uncomfortable when fans began saying the carrot in the ‘Jackson‘ MV was an adult toy so he had to explain that it was in fact a carrot.
– He appeared on DF‘s Killing Verse in August of 2020.
– In Jan. of 2022, featured on Dawn Dox‘s 1st album, ‘Fairytales for Adults‘, on the 2nd track, ‘뻐-끔‘.
– Performed ‘Ruby‘ ft.GIST in March of 2022 on dingo freestyle’s YouTube channel.
– ZENE released his newest album ‘River Boy‘ on the 10th Dec.2022.
— ZENE THE ZILLA’s Ideal Type: N/A

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Latest MV Release: River Boy

Latest Album Release: River Boy

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