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Sisters Who Makes Waves Season 2

Sisters Who Makes Waves 2 Profile :Sisters Who Makes Waves 2 (乘风破浪的姐姐) is a Chinese survival show aired on MGTV for 30+ year old celebrities. They perform and compete for a spot in a 7 member group.  It is set to air starting January 22, 2021, every Friday. The final line up was announced April 16, 2021.

Sisters Who Makes Waves Official Account:
Weibo: Sisters Who Makes Waves

Contestants Profiles :
Na Ying

Name: Na Ying (那英)
Birthday: November 27, 1967
Occupation: Singer

Na Ying Facts:
-She debuted in 1987.
-She got married in Canada to Meng Tong and has a daughter.
-Her agency is Galaxy Tree Culture.

Yang YuyingName: Yang Yuying (杨钰莹)
Birthday: May 11, 1971
Occupation: Singer

Yang Yuying Facts:
-She debuted in 1990.
-She published a book named “Yang Yuying Beauty Story”

Jin QiaoqiaoName: Jin Qiaoqiao (金巧巧)
Birthday: April 21, 1975
Occupation: Singer, Actress, Host

Jin Qiaoqiao Facts:
-She debuted in 1993.
-She is married to Yu Dong and has two children.

Li HuizhenName: Li Huizhen (李慧珍)
Birthday: March 5, 1976
Occupation: Singer

Li Huizhen Facts:
-In 1993 she won first prize of Wenzhou “Financial Cup”.
-She is under Huayi Brothers.

Zuo XiaoqingName: Zuo Xiaoqing (左曉卿)
Birthday: June 25, 1977
Occupation: Actress

Zuo Xiaoqing Facts:
-She debuted in 1999.
-She is married and has a daughter.

Cheng LishaName: Cheng Lisha (程莉莎)
Birthday: November 8, 1977
Occupation: Actress

Cheng Lisha Facts:
-She debuted in 2002.
-She is married to Guo Xiaodong and has a son.

Hu JingName: Hu Jing (胡静)
Birthday: November 13, 1978
Occupation: Actress

Hu Jing Facts:
-She debuted in 1998
-She is married to Zhu Zhaoxing and has a son.

Dong XuanName: Dong Xuan (董璇)
Birthday: November 5, 1979
Occupation: Actress

Dong Xuan Facts:
-She debuted in 2003
-She has a daughter.
-She is under Huayi Brothers.

Dong JieName: Dong Jie (董洁)
Birthday: April 19, 1980
Occupation: Actress

Dong Jie Facts:
-She debuted in 2000.
-She has a son named Dingding.
-She is under Dong Jie Studio.

Celica CheungName: Zhang Bozhi / Celica Cheung (张柏芝)
Birthday: May 24, 1980
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Celica Cheung Facts:
-She debuted as an Actress in 1998 and released her first Ep in 1999.
-She has three sons.
-She is under Celica Cheung Studio.

Joey YungName: Joey Yung / Rong Zuer (容祖儿)
Birthday: June 16, 1980
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Joey Yung Facts:
-She debuted in 1996.
-She is under Emperor Entertainment Group Limited.

An YouqiName: An Youqi (安又琪)
Birthday: October 14, 1982
Occupation: Singer, Actress

An Youqi Facts:
-In 2004 she won Super Girl.
-She is under Lehua Entertainment.

Angel WangName: Angel Wang / Wang Ou(王鸥)
Birthday: October 28, 1982
Occupation: Actress, Model

Angel Wang Facts:
-She debuted in 2005.
-She won her first modeling competition in 2003.

Michelle ChenName: Michelle Chen / Chen Yanxi (陳妍希)
Birthday: May 31, 1983
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Michelle Chen Facts:
-She debuted in 2006.
-She is married to Chen Xiao and has a son.

CocoName: Coco / Lu Yi (吕一)
Birthday: January 8, 1984
Occupation: Actress

Michelle Chen Facts:
-She debuted in 2004.
-She is married to Qian Yongchen.

Bibi ZhuoName: Bibi Zhuo / Zhuo Bichang (周笔畅)
Birthday: July 26, 1985
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Bibi Zhuo Facts:
-In 2005 she participated on Super Girl.
-She is under Mountain Top Entertainment.

Zhang XianziName: Zhang Xianzi (弦子)
Birthday: April 22, 1986
Occupation: Singer, Actress

Zhang Xianzi Facts:
-She debuted in 2004.
-She is under Mountain Top Entertainment.

Jia QingName: Jia Qing (贾青)
Birthday: November 2, 1986
Occupation: Actress

Jia Qing Facts:
-She debuted in 2005.
-She is under Hesong Media.

Jiang LuxiaName: Jiang Luxia (蒋璐霞)
Birthday: December 25, 1986
Occupation: Actress

Jiang Luxia Facts:
-She debuted in 2007.
-She was born in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia.

Yuan ShanShanName: Yuan ShanShan (袁姗姗)
Birthday: February 22, 1987
Occupation: Actress

Yuan ShanShan Facts:
-She debuted in 2010.
-She is under Yuan ShanShan Studio.

Zhang XinyuName: Zhang Xinyu (张馨予)
Birthday: March 28, 1987
Occupation: Actress

Zhang Xinyu Facts:
-She debuted in 2010.
-She is under Shanghai Feibao Culture Media Company.

Tang JingmeiName: Tang Jingmei (汤晶媚)
Birthday: May 24, 1987
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Host

Tang Jingmei Facts:
-She debuted in 2010.
-She is under Tang Jingmei Stuido.

A LanName: Alan Dawa Dolma (阿兰·达瓦卓玛)
Birthday: July 25, 1987
Occupation: Singer

A Lan Facts:
-She debuted in 2006.
-She is under National Rhyme Culture.

Li FeierName: Li Feier (李菲儿)
Birthday: October 3, 1987
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Li Feier Facts:
-She debuted in 2006.
-She used to train under Korean Agency, Good Entertainment.
-She is under Mango Entertainment.

Jiang YingrongName: Jiang Yingrong (江映蓉)
Birthday: February 1, 1988
Occupation:  Singer

Jiang Yingrong Facts:
-In 2007 she participated in a School Festival.
-She is under Jiang Yingrong Studio.

Jike JunyiName: Jike Junyi / Wang Junyi (吉克隽逸)
Birthday: May 13, 1988
Occupation:  Singer, Actress

Jike Junyi Facts:
-In 2012 she was on The Voice of China.
-She is under Beijing Junyi Culture Media.

Chen XiaoyunName: Chen Xiaoyun (陈小纭)
Birthday: June 29, 1989
Occupation:  Actress

Chen Xiaoyun Facts:
-She debuted in 2012.
-She is under Shanghai Feibao Culture Media.

Liu YeName: Liu Ye (刘烨)
Birthday: August 25, 1989
Occupation:  Host, Actress

Liu Ye Facts:
-She debuted in 2012.
-She is the host of Hunan Satellite TV.

Chen ZitongName: Chen Zitong (陈梓童)
Birthday: August 25, 1989
Occupation:  Host, Actress

Chen Zitong Facts:
-She has had many actives since she was young.
-She was training in Korea with M-STUDIO under CJE&M.
-She is under Universal Music.

Xuan LuName: Xuan Lu (宣璐)
Birthday: January 15, 1991
Occupation:  Actress, Dancer

Xuan Lu Facts:
-She became a dancer and actress in 2008.
-She is under Huan Rui Century.
-She is the youngest in the show.

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