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Moon (문) Profile and Facts

Moon (문) Profile and Facts

Moon (문) is a French K-rapper who debuted with the song ‘SEOUL CITY DRIFT’ on August 4, 2023.

Moon Fandom Name: Moonlights
Moon Official Color:

Stage Name: Moon (문)
Real Name:
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 182 cm (5’11″)
Nationality: French
Instagram: moonprivzte
YouTube: moontbrl170
Tiktok: moontbrl

Moon Facts:
— She was born in France
— She can speak Korean fluently
— She loves the colors blue and black
— She is a Tiktok personality and has over 600K followers.
— Moon was at the Tibaeg fashion show (Seoul Fashion Week)
— She is mixed race
— Her mom is Vietnamese and African (Vietnam & Centrafrique) and her Dad is African (Senegal & Tchad)
— She is currently living in South Korea
— She moved to South Korea in 2022
— She first traveled to Asia at the age of 17
— When asked if she feels closer to Asia She replied saying she is African and French but she does not want to divide anything. She doesn’t feel like just 50%, she feels mixed from everything. (Via Giggle Youtube)

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