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Kang Soyeon Facts and Profile

Kang Soyeon Facts and Profile
Kang Soyeon
 Kang Soyeon (강소연) is an upcoming South Korean soloist who isn’t actively sponsored by a specific company. She made an unofficial debut on January 10, 2018 but is making an official debut in late 2019.

Stage Name: Soyeon (소연)
Birth Name: Kang Soyeon(강소연)
Nickname: Yeon, Yeonnie, Yunah, Dash
Birthday: October 12, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 162cm (5’4″)
Weight: 47kg (105lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Twitter: @realsoyeon1
Instagram: @sk.yeon
Youtube: Kang Soyeon
Fandom Name: Yeonsters

Kang Soyeon Facts:
-Her birthplace is Seoul, South Korea
-Education: Cypress Springs Highschool
-Soyeon has a sister, and a number of brothers
-She is biracial. Her mother is African American-Indian while her father is Korean
-Soyeon likes donating and volunteering to help others
-She speaks Korean, English, and some Spanish
-She can play piano
-Her personality has been described as charming and comedic
-She auditioned for SM but she didn’t pass the audition
-Her favorite things to eat are: Spicy tofu stew(순두부찌개), Bulgogi(불고기), Gopchang(곱창), Spicy hot wings, Kimchi Pancakes(김치 파전), Pizza, and Dumplings(만두)
-Some of her favorite drinks are melon juice and lemonade
-Her favorite Drama is “Hotel King” which features her favorite actors Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae  
-If Soyeon speaks Korean for a long amount of time, her accent relapses
-Kang Soyeon is allergic to coconut
-Her inspiration is Hyolyn and Boni
-Has two dogs: Adam(Labrador) and Eve(Pitbull)
-She would have attended SOPA had she not moved to the States
-Prefers shorts/skirts as her favorite piece of clothing
-Practiced kickboxing and taekwondo as well when she was younger
-Soyeon has been known to have no filter sometimes
-She’s quite clumsy
-Loves potatoes, and her favorite form of it is in a hashbrown or fries
-One of her specialties is talking very fast
-She released “Want you” on January 11, 2018 which will be part of PASSION in June 2019
-When she smiles big, she has dimples
-Her weakness is her sensitivity to certain subjects
-Some of her strengths include honesty and compassion
-Her favorite color is purple but she prefers lavender. She also adores gold, black, and pink
-She has a high tolerance for spicy foods
-Her favorite animal is a panda
-In her free time she: Exercises(also dancing), movie time, going for walks, and trying new food
-Her hobbies include: Playing video games(She loves the Sims 4), Cooking, Writing, and doing DIY crafts
-Her name means “Elegant River” in English
-She loves anything relating to elegance
-Her fandom name used to be “Jungies” but she changed it to “Yeonsters” because she changed her stage name
-She’s mentioned multiple times that physical touch and gifting are her love languages
-Her favorite genre of movie is horror, and she likes scary stuff in general because of the adrenaline
-Her chinese zodiac sign is Dog
-While she was in middle school in Korea, her peers thought she was an exchange student because of her appearance

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    Wow, she’s a unique girl. I’m waiting for her debut.

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    Wow she’s s pretty I hope she is successful in the future.

  • Stream waunt

    i know she’s going to get hate but i already love her music and i can’t wait for her to debut!

  • sophia

    Her name used to be Yeonjung, she was tagged in a photo some time ago and her friend addressed her as Yeonjung.

  • Ellen Raukin

    Oh, that would explain the old fandom name being Jungies then

  • sophia

    Yeah, kind of weird to change your Korean name though..

  • Ellen Raukin

    That was her stage name u cant change your korean name

  • sophia

    i hope we see her debut soon! i checked out her channel and she has a good voice.,..