UNITE Vocalist Fired due to “serious issue”



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Feb 8, 2020
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On April 8th of this year, visual kei band, UNITE, issued an announcement that vocialist Yui, had been fired due to a “serious issue”

Here is the statement made from UNITE:

"Thank you for always supporting UNITE.
Recently, a serious issue regarding vocalist Yui came to light.
As no conclusion could be reached during discussions between the members and staff, it was decided that vocalist Yui will be fired today and leave UNITE.

We are deeply sorry to all of our fans who are cheering for us to make such a sudden announcement. We will announce our decision regarding the execution of our upcoming one-man tour and all goods featuring Yui at a later date."

Members, including Yui, took to SNS to express their feelings over the situation.

Yui’s statement:

"I’m sorry we surprised you with this sudden announcement.
I accepted the measure of dismissal and I left UNiTE.
I apologize for making all our fans who supported me so far sad. And I apologize for the troubles caused to the staff.
While being active as UNiTE’s vocalist for about 11 years, I got a lot of experiences, emotions and beautiful sceneries.
I’d like to thank all the fans, the members, the staff and the people involved in the band for their support.
I’m sorry I couldn’t say “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” directly, so I’d like to say it here.
※ Thank you very much for these 11 years."

Shiina Mio (gt):

"I'm really sorry to make such a sad announcement to everyone who has always supported UNiTE of course, but also to those who have supported UNiTE for a moment during these past 11 years.

I never thought the day would come when we would have to make such an announcement with UNiTE.
I hoped we would continue our activities without any incident.

But before being artists in a band, each of us is a human, having his own life, his own thoughts and feelings. Even if the band was born when these feelings were overlapping, I think the cause of the current situation is that this time our feelings are out of alignment.
What we wanted to do at that time is different now, maybe it’s just that, but I think it became important.

It’s difficult to explain it myself, a gap is never easy to settle, and I feel that during these past 11 years, each member experienced a difference of feelings or opinion.
I’m no exception to the rule, there were many times when my feelings didn’t match the others.
That’s why I think it’s impossible for people’s feelings to stay unchangeable.
However, UNiTE continued until now, keeping this in mind each time and sharing the same purpose.
Maybe it doesn’t explain anything, but I hope you’ll read and understand.
I’m in a state of mind where various feelings are all jumbled together, but all I feel now is regret.

I’m sorry if my words are not coherent and for not writing immediately. I’m feeling anxious and worried, because it’s painful to think about your heart that we hurt.

I have many plans for the future. I haven’t managed to sort out what we can do now, but I’ll continue to do what I can.

I’ll write again when I have put my thoughts in order.
I’m really sorry."


"It’s really deplorable that we came to this result, and above all, I’m deeply sorry. All I’ll write now is from my point of view only.

I can’t talk about the detailed circumstances and reasons here, but various matters happened on the net and after discussions with him, we came to the conclusion that we won’t play with that person anymore [TN: he refers to Yui].

In the past few years, many things happened. Among them, of course there were many irreplaceable and precious things, but also many things that couldn't be helped. We tried to persuade ourselves that it would make the band stronger, and here we are.
We had a talk on the day of the announcement, but we’ve been told by the mouth of the person in question that his goals have changed, so there was nothing else to answer back. And above all, I honestly didn’t have the will to accept it.

I joined UNiTE on August 16th, 2014, and I’m really sorry that UNiTE will change its lineup again.

I don’t know what our future will be yet, but I’ll do my best to do what we can do."

I wish UNITE & Yui a happy & healthy rest of the year for whatever the group & Yui choose to do with it.​