Christmas EveL (trust me, you wanna see this)



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Sep 8, 2021
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I take Creative Writing at school. I'm v lazy about it, and currently have a C bc of assignments I never turned it. One such assignment was to write a one act play. But since I decided to be extra lazy, I decided to do this play as a written version of the Christmas EveL (SKZ) MV. @Yutazenpai bc I dragged you into this.
I used each member's English name as their name. So, for reference
Chris = Bang Chan
Rhino = Lee Know
Lewis = Changbin
Sam = Hyunjin
Peter = Han
Felix = Felix
Sky = Seungmin
Bob = I.N.
Ally = that little girl in the MV

(In the van. Bob, In the middle row, Lewis and Sam are asleep; Sky glares at them, bored. In the back row, Felix and Bob are picking the sleeping Peter’s nose. Chris sits in the driver’s seat. Rhino is fiddling with the radio.)    

Radio Announcer, offstage: Due to the sound monster attacks, Santa Claus has lost his voice. He has hired a substitute to work in his place while he undergoes hospital treatment. We wait with great anticipation to see if this specially employed Santa will be able to spread joy to children all over the world.

Chris, turning to the backseat eagerly: Let’s get ready!

(Everyone grumbles awake.)

Peter, leaning forward: What, what again?

Sam, sighing: Oh, gosh.

(The van suddenly teleports to the front of a store. Cheering, all eight boys rush inside the store.)

Chris, sternly: Remember, we’re getting presents for the children!

(Everyone ignores him. Peter grabs a shopping cart and begins running down the aisles, throwing toys inside. Lewis inspects a sign advertising buy three, get one free.)

Sam, fighting Bob for a clock: Give that to me!

Bob, tugging back: No! Let go, Sam!

(Suddenly, they drop the clock. Both look down with panicked expressions.)

Sky, eating cookies: Not a fan of this substitute Santa thing.

(Rhino comes and takes a selfie with Sky. Meanwhile, Lewis opens a freezer, blasting himself with ice. Rhino has moved on the pulling boxes from a giant stack of presents. Peter has sat down on beanbags; Chris is behind the front counter, looking at a toy with Bob. Suddenly, Felix grabs the security camera.)

Felix: Hey, check this out, mates! (He snatches it and attempts to take selfies with it.)

Chris, upset at the chaos: Cut it out! (He quickly smacks a green button, causing everyone to teleport outside.)

(Present falls from the sky, transforms into a pink utility truck.)

Everyone, climbing into the back: Wow!

(inside the truck)

Everyone, yelling and tossing presents to houses: Woo-hoo!

(As the truck hits a bump and drives off a cliff, everyone screams. They land underneath a kitchen sink, which they crawl out from. They tiptoe through the house, failing to be quiet. They begin shoving presents underneath the christmas tree.)

(Everyone gasps and a door swings open, revealing a yawning child, Ally. Everyone turns to face her, shocked.)

Rhino: Why aren’t you sleeping?

Everyone, in unison while laughing nervously: Two, three, step out, we are Santa Sub. Do you know us?

Ally, screaming: You’re not Santa!

(Trying to calm Ally, the boys sit her down on the couch and try to appease her with presents.)

Felix, offering a brown box: What about this one?

Ally, wagging her finger: Nope!

Chris, offering a toy airplane: Surely you like this!

Ally, facepalming: Lame!

Rhino, with a gasp, offers a snowglobe: Hmm?

Ally, clapping and dancing: Yes, yes yes!

(Everyone, including Ally, take pictures together and cheer about Christmas.)

Felix, blowing magic snow toward Ally: Merry Christmas, Ally!

(Chris presses the teleport button, sending everybody to the storefront again. Everyone walks with swagger, very pleased with themselves.)

Peter, smugly: This wasn’t so bad. You know-

Chris, interrupting and pulling out a phone: Wait a second!

(Everyone gathers around Chris to see the message. As they see it, they roll their eyes and grumble.)

Peter and Sam: Ugh, why!

Felix, speaking over Peter and Sam: No more!

Sky and Rhino, speaking over Felix, Peter, and Sam: Seriously?

(Lewis and Bob groan dramatically.)

Chris, heading to the van: Let’s get ready!

(The van drives offstage in a flash of red and green lightning)