˜”*°•.˜”*°• y o u •°*”˜.•°*”˜ (Changlix Oneshots-SKZ, Changbin & Felix-)



Dec 8, 2020
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˜”*°•.˜”*°• y o u •°*”˜.•°*”˜ (Changlix Oneshots -SKZ, Changbin & Felix-)

1/4 Changlix Oneshots

"I fell by the wayside, like everyone else"

"We just fought, Changbin Hyung threw things on the ground but I'm the one who should be mad... H-He just tossed me aside...." Felix said to Chan, tears staining the younger male's pale face.

Chan didn't know what to do, he was considered the move of the friend group but he had no idea how to help Felix through this.

Before Changbin and Felix started dating Changbin was your typical asshole. He was leaving at night and going off fucking another boy or girl every other day, not coming back until the sun was already up. But all the friends thought Felix changed him, Changbin seemed different, but I guess people really can't change.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you"

Eventually, Felix stopped hanging around his friends. He took his things out of his and Changbin's apartment and seemingly disappeared. His social media accounts like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and line were all gone. It was like he never existed.

Eventually, everyone started leaving. First Felix, then Chan, Seungmin, Hyunjin, Minho, Jeongin, Han. They all left.

A month or so after they all parted ways Felix's doorbell chimed. He went outside and found a letter on his doormat. He slowly picked it up and looked around, to see if he saw anyone that could have left it. He opened up the letter and read the small words. "*** ******". It was an address.

Felix got changed into a pair of jeans and a grey hoodie. He went to his car and headed there, little did he know, he was about to meet someone there that he didn't exactly want to talk to.

"Our Every Moment. I Start to replace"

A young man would be pacing back and forth by the address given on the letter. His brown hair covering his forehead, a silver dog tag laying on his black button-up, the same color as his ripped jeans and boots. He rubbed his eyes, waiting for the other person to arrive.

Felix stepped out of his car, walking to the person to saw. "Excu-" His eyes went wide "Pardon me, I must be at the wrong address." He'd bow his head then turn to go back to his car

Changbin quickly grabbed Felix's wrist, pulling him back. "No, I think this is the right address"

Felix would pull his arm away from Changbin "I said. I must be at the wrong address" Felix made eye contact with Changbin. "I'm leaving. For good" He looked away from the latter then he went and opened his car door, leaving Changbin standing there. He didn't feel guilty for walking away from him, He can't be expected to listen to the guy that went and cheated on him not even a month ago.

"When You Hurt Under the Surface"

"FUCK!" Changbin slammed his fist on the wall behind him, he slid down until he was sitting in the grass, He felt bad for cheating on someone that he truly loved but it's hard to break habits, it's even harder when it's something you've been doing for the past six years.

Changbin texted Chan, sure, Chan hadn't responded to any of his texts before but he was desperate.

"Chan-hyung" Changbin pressed send "Please chan, please respond"

Chan looked at his phone and clicked the notification from Changbin. "What." Chan put his phone back down, continuing to work

"I need your help. Please"

"What do you need help with"

"Felix said he was leaving for good, I need to know what that intends"

"No. Leave him alone. You've caused Felix enough pain already"

"Please Chan, I just want to know that he's safe."

"Damn you. I'll message him for you. Okay?"

"Thank you, Hyung"

"So, Before You Go"

"FELIX!" Changbin ran through the airport, he found out through Chan that Felix was going back to Australia. But he was too late

'Flight 193, to Sydney Australia is now boarding in corridor C'

Changbin found corridor C and then Felix, but before he could reach him he'd walk into the hallway to get to the plane. He fell to his knees, this was it, he fucked it up, Felix wouldn't have gotten on that plane if he wouldn't have fucked that random person. But there's no going back now. Right?


Dec 8, 2020
saw p1h
˜”*°•.˜”*°• y o u •°*”˜.•°*”˜ (Changlix Oneshots -SKZ, Changbin & Felix-)

"3rd of December"

"Lix?" Changbin looked at Felix who was shivering, he'd take off his jacket and drape it over the other's shoulder

Felix would smile and kiss Changbin's Cheek "Thank you Binnie"

Changbin would intertwine his and Felix's fingers, walking through the park as it snowed softly, watching as the snow melted when it touched either of them, Felix was skipping softly on the path before he looked up and saw someone. That someone was Chris.

Felix's eyes followed wherever the male went, his lips curving into a delicate smile

"What a Sight for Sore Eyes"

Felix laughed, his eyes slowly disappearing as his cheeks flushed red, Chan sitting next to him at a park bench, they'd just be talking

"Are you cold?" Chan looked at Felix then pulled him closer

Changbin was walking back, all of them had gone to the park together but he didn't expect to see Felix laying so comfortably in Chan's arms. He just decided it was best for him to leave

"While I Die"

Changbin was laying in his bed, staring at the ceiling, he'd pick up his phone and call Felix

'Hey, Binnie' Felix smiled, you could hear Chan recording vocals in the background

Changbin would hum then hang up "wrong number."

Changbin would throw his phone 'FUCK YOU CHRIS BANG!"

"I'm Not Even Half as Pretty"

"L-Lix?" Changbin wiped his eyes

"Huh? What's wrong, Binnie?"

"Why did you ever kiss me?" Changbin would hug his legs

"What do you mean?" Felix looked at him

"I gave you my sweater...."

"It was just polyester" Felix would hug Changbin

"But you like him better"

"who?" Felix looked down at Changbin

"I-I wish I was Chris...."

Felix's eyes widened as he stared, at a loss for words

"Have fun with your boyfriend. It's obvious he's better" Changbin got up and left

"Why did i do that...." Felix fell on the bed, full of regret. But hell, there's no going back to a year ago and changing what you did on that one night
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