1. myheartizomg

    Official Mino Thread ☽

    welcome to the official Mino solo discussion thread ◆ rules; × no bashing/hateful comments allowed × be respectful to the idol/other users × no spam allowed × have fun ~
  2. jxonhxxjin

    first kpop song you ever listened to??

    hey! what’s the first kpop song you listened to? for me it’s gangnam style, but i was unaware that it was kpop, so technically the first kpop song i heard was bs&t by bts :D
  3. Min Gaeul


    Share any photos and videos of Mino you have!!!!!
  4. Saythename17

    WINNER Celebrates Their 5th Debut Anniversary And Shares Thoughts About The Past 5 Years

    On August 17, WINNER held a V Live broadcast to celebrate the group’s 5th debut anniversary. WINNER made their debut on August 17, 2014, with their first album “2014 S/S” and the title track “Empty.” In the V Live broadcast, the members shared a meal together and celebrated their anniversary...
  5. P

    Save One Drop One: Idols with the same position

    It basically says it in the title: chose one idol to save based on their position (dancer, rapper, vocal, visual). I tried to make this as hard as I could so I’m sorry! I found it really painful too because I love them all so much! NB Please try and do it based on your opinions on each category...

    Duet ☞Official MOBB Thread☜

    Welcome to the official MOBB thread! Rules No hateful comments Respect the duo and other users Enjoy :D
  7. P

    Save One Drop One: Idols from same group

    Pick an idol to save from the same group. No matter how hard it is, you can’t say both! Bts - Jimin vs Jungkook Blackpink - Jennie vs Jisoo Exo - Chanyeol vs Sehun iKON - Jinhwan vs Donghyuk Winner - Mino vs Jinwoo Stray Kids - Hyunjin vs Felix NCT 127 - Haechan vs Jaehyun NCT Dream - Jaemin vs...
  8. Park Jaemin

    Your first group that got you into KPOP and the group that you love the most now!

    first group ~> BLACKPINK now ~> STRAY KIDS
  9. P

    Jinu's Solo Debut

    Jinu from Winner released his first solo single 'Call Anytime' feat. Mino earlier today. What are your thoughts on the song? I personally think it's such a catchy song, and I really like the vibes. I think it suits him really well and the addition of Mino was a good choice. He's grown so much...
  10. P

    Do We Have The Same Bias?

    I'm curious to see how my biases compare to other people's. I hope this thread doesn't flop! My biases: blackpink = lisa ikon = bobby exo = baekhyun winner = mino nct 127 = taeyong nct dream = haechan wayv = ten stray kids = jisung bts = jhope got7 = bambam ateez = hongjoong bigbang = taeyang...
  11. jaeminhee

    NCT U Boss VS The 7th Sense

  12. Kirstyaspenn

    Winner's Ah Yeah or Fool

    I prefer Ah Yeah
  13. Kirstyaspenn

    Winner's Everyday or Really Really

    For me it's Everyday
  14. butterpuffs

    favorite ex-members

    who's your favorite ex-members of any kpop group? actually, i wanna post voting thread but i can't do it, can someone help me how to post voting thread? thank you~
  15. butterpuffs

    best rookies in each year?

    please fill this↓ 2008: shinee, 2pm 2009: 2ne1, b2st, f(x) 2010: infinite, sistar 2011: apink, b1a4, block b 2012: exo, btob, nuest 2013: bts 2014: rv, winner 2015: svt, mx, gfriend, twice, ikon 2016: bp 2017: wanna one, stray kids 2018: izone
  16. M

    The Official WINNER Thread

    Welcome to the official WINNER discussion thread. Welcome INNERCIRCLE 🌷 The rules are simple: 1) Be respectful to other users. 2) No spam/bashing/hateful comments. 3) Enjoy your time here.