1. cherrybomb

    LEO - 남아있어 (I’m Still Here) MV

    Leo's first comeback after military enlistment, what a blessing 😭<33
  2. ONF

    Taeyeon and Ravi Reported To Be Dating, SM Denies Rumors

    According to Joynews24, Taeyeon and Ravi have been dating for around a year and met through a mutual friend. SM Entertainment has denied these rumors, saying that they're just working on new music together.
  3. cherrybomb

    ∞ Leo (VIXX) Thread ∞

    ✮ welcome to the official jung taekwoon aka vixx's leo solo discussion thread ✮ 「 information」 full name; jung taekwoon (정택운) birthday; november 10, 1990 zodiac sign; scorpio blood type; O nationality; korean agency; jellyfish entertainment best known for; being a member of vixx/the leader &...
  4. cherrybomb

    ♠ Official RAVI {VIXX} Thread ♧

    🌸 ~Welcome to the official discussion thread of Kim Wonshik aka RAVI~ 🌸 ~Some facts about RAVI~ ♡ He's from Seoul, South Korea. ♡ He gave himself the stage name “Ravi” – which means charming ♡ He debuted as a member of kpop boygroup VIXX under Jellyfish Entertainment in 2012. ♡ He's part of...
  5. cherrybomb

    VIXX N Leaves Jellyfish Entertainment But Remains In VIXX

    It was announced that after 8 years VIXX leader & member N has left Jellyfish Entertainment after not renewing his contract. The company released a statement regarding this situation: "Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment. First, we would like to sincerely thank all fans who love and cheer...
  6. LizzieCornZ__

    If you could join any Kpop Group Right now which group would it be?

    ? I would join (G)I-DLE
  7. M

    Duet VIXX LR Official Thread

    Welcome to the official discussion thread for VIXX's unit/duo VIXX LR 💕 Rules; - No bashing/hateful comments allowed - Be respectful to the idols/other users - No spam allowed - Enjoy your time here ~ i miss them
  8. M

    VIXX - Fantasy (MV)

    'it's just a fantasy, my tragedy 🎶 ' i miss vixx 💔💔💔
  9. vixxiah

    Cha Hakyeon 차학연 [N 엔] - VIXX 빅스 | Appreciation & Bias Thread!

    Hello fellow Starlights! I decided to create a space to appreciate and dote on our beloved leader, Cha Hakyeon! Information: Full Name: Cha Hak Yeon Stage Name: N Zodiac: Cancer Birthday: June 30th, 1990 Height: 180cm Fun Facts: He trained for five years before debuting. He likes reading...
  10. LadyLia

    Top 15 Kpop Bands with Highest Sales in GAON Chart from 2010-2019

    The list of the top 15 best selling Kpop groups in GAON Chart from 2010 to May 2019 has been released. I can't say I am too surprised there, and I'm glad 2 girl groups get in top 10! <3
  11. M

    The Official VIXX Thread

    Welcome to the official VIXX discussion page. Welcome ST☆RLIGHTS 🥰 The rules are simple: 1) No bashing/hateful comments. 2) Be respectful to other users. 3) Have fun/enjoy this thread ~