1. sanasideup

    Miyeon - "MY" (Debut Mini Album) | Comeback Thread

    It was recently announced on April 7th that Miyeon, (G)I-DLE's main vocalist and visual, will have her solo debut on April 27, 2022 with a mini album called "MY." Comeback Announcement Release Schedule
  2. sanasideup

    What Kpop Songs Can You Not Listen to for the Sake of Your Health?

    alternate title: what kpop songs are so catchy that they get stuck in your head and it lowkey makes you mad, so, for the sake of keeping your sanity, you cannot listen to? the title is probably confusing lol. basically, what are some really catchy kpop songs that always get stuck in your head...
  3. http.yyanggii

    Save One, Drop One

    Hi! Welcome to the Save One, Drop One game thread 🙃 The game is pretty simple, You will be given two song choices, It’s up to you to choice which one to save and which one to drop. Then you put two song choices of your own, ~ Here’s an example ~ Person 1: Cheer Up | Twice or Spring Day | BTS...
  4. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Suggetions for Ppop?

    Hi so I'm wondering if anyone can help me and reccomend some Ppop. I only know SB19. I would like some groups (mainly BGs, although GGs is fine too). Also i dont mind Soloists either. Thanks!
  5. piscesigh

    ☆○o。 Recommend your favorite underrated k-soloists 。o○☆

    I'm a huge fan of soloists because I tend to listen to them randomly in Spotify and some of them end up making me fall in love with their music~ Some of my faves are: - Owol - Hyukoh - Kanto - BLOO - Crucial Star - EDEN - MISO - Villain - Sik-K - JUNNY
  6. KpopJpopCpopTpopVpop

    Cpop Group / Soloist Recomendations?

    Hi can you reccomend me some more Cpop Groups or Solousts to listen to. As I want to expand my Cpop artists and music! Thanks!!!
  7. piscesigh

    ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Favorite Soloists ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

    Kpop tends to focus a lot on groups and bands, but pays little attention to soloists! Which ones are your faves? Popular or underrated, list them down below~
  8. B

    Favorite Kpop Concept?

    I kinda like girl crush concepts