1. Mikasa Ackerman

    HYBE's Museum 'HYBE INSIGHT' To Officially Open In May

    HYBE will officially open a museum named, "HYBE INSIGHT" on May 14 at their new headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul. HYBE INSIGHT will showcase HYBE’s perspective on music in numerous ways with the concept of "We Believe In Music", which will commemorate HYBE’s music, artists, and their stans. HYBE...
  2. Joonies_Dimples

    Why i dont think there will be another BTS

    Hi so I have made this thread based on a few comments I saw on another thread that really got me thinking about this. One the comments was about how how other groups are compared to BTS and I agreed with them as they shouldn't be. Another comment aas about Bighit trying to turn TXT into BTS and...
  3. anmybeloved

    Letter --> Idol/Group/Company Name Game

    Rules: -No names of idols who have passed -No names of idols/groups/companies who have gotten into triggering scandals (S*ungri, etc.) -No posting anything un-related Info: -You can add pictures/videos/links/gif's related to the idol/group/company in your response -I will post a list of...
  4. fishstiks__

    My Weverse translations

    I have no soul There is a translate button But I'm going to do them my self because idc #1 TXT OP- Tomato vs Mint Chocolate Beom - I'd kill my self first
  5. °・: ࿔`❀.坤華_Panda.❀ˊ࿔ :・°

    Thoughts on BigHits and CJ E&M I-LAND Reality Show?

    "I-LAND an observation reality show that follows the creation process of next-generation K-pop artists. The program will share the process of participants competing against and working with each other. The show was created by BigHit Entertainment‘s and CJ E&M Entertainment‘s joint company BELIF+...
  6. H

    big hit's new gg

    what do you think about the new gg big hit's making ? PLUS PLAYFUL LOVELY UNIQUE SASSY i'm going to go audition in new york, but idk if i'll be good enough to actually pass. my dancing is okay my singing is fine & my rapping sucks. there's one problem a girl is lowkey ugly.