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A・ZU・NA Members Profile and Facts

A・ZU・NA Members Profile and Facts

A・ZU・NA is a three-member girl group from the Love Live! franchise. They are a sub-unit of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. They debuted on February 12, 2020 with the single “Dream Land! Dream World!”.

The group name comes from the syllables of the names of its members: A from Ayumu, ZU from Shizuku and NA from Setsuna.

A・ZU・NA Members:
Aguri Onishi

Plays: Ayumu Uehara
Colour: Light Pink
Birthday: May 2, 1997
Height: 160.5 cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: aguri_onishi

Aguri Onishi Facts:
– She was one of the original members of X21, however she left on April 16, 2017.
– Her hobbies include reading and karaoke.
– Her personality type is ESFP-T.
– She can play the saxophone.

Kaori Maeda

Plays: Shizuku Osaka
Colour: Light Blue
Birthday: April 25, 1996
Height: 146 cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: kaor1n_n

Kaori Maeda Facts:
– She enjoys watching anime and foreign dramas.
– Her hobbies are singing and playing mahjong.
– She is ambidextrous.

Coco Hayashi

Plays: Setsuna Yuki (2023-present)
Birthday: May 15, 2002
Birthplace: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Blood Type: A
Twitter: cocohayashi515
Instagram: coco_hayashi.official

Coco Hayashi Facts:
– She was also a member of Run Girls, Run. She played Ayumi Hayashi.
– Her nickname is Hayamaru.
– Her skills are drawing and playing the drums.
– She also played Mirai Momoyama in Kiratto Pri☆Chan and Mami Sato in MF Ghost.

Former Member:
Tomori Kusunoki

Plays: Setsuna Yuki (2017-2023)
Colour: Red
Birthday: December 22, 1999
Height: 155 cm
Twitter: tomori_kusunoki
YouTube: 楠木ともり Official YouTube Channel
Website: kusunokitomori.com

Tomori Kusunoki Facts:
– She stepped down from her role as Setsuna in the Love Live! franchise on March 31, 2023.
– Her hobbies include songwriting, playing the guitar and looking at the sky.
– Her skills are drawing and playing the trumpet.
– She stepped down due to her being diagnosed with Hybermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that causes joint pain and numbness whenever Tomori does large movements.

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