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104(백사) Profile and Facts

104(백사) Profile & Facts

104(백사) is a South Korean rapper who officially debuted with mini-album, “Wicked” on August 10, 2020.

Stage name: 104(백사)
Birth Name: Lee Jinyoung (이진영)
Birthday: September 28th, 1994
Zodiac sign: Libra
Instagram: Jinyoung104
Soundcloud: 104(백사)
Youtube: 백사
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop, Indie

104(백사) Facts:
– He’s from Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– He has been interested in hip-hop since 2011, but he started making songs in 2019.
– 104(백사) chose ‘널 사랑하지 않는 건 내 답 안에 없어(feat. HEMO)‘ from his songs which he really likes.
– Before the official EP “Wicked”, 104 already had the album “#104” released on October 4, 2019, on his Soundcloud.
– In 2021, 104(백사) released Album “#WITH” which has 8 tracks, and he uploaded it on his SoundCloud.
– 104 has collaborated with many musicians such as Yelloasis, Dizzy Blue, Junny, Holynn, Holmsted, Churry, Pur:Fume, woOnim, $AIL, Hemo, Whalethemigaloo, PuFF$hampain, Howl, Ralph, Inviz, Lacobert, Nason, Kvmper, Avokid, and others.
– For him, his stage name is so cool, because 104 is the area where he did military service.
– He doesn’t regret choosing “104” as his stage name because he feels proud of the Korean military and his patriotism.
– A rapper (Whalethemigaloo) who was interested in his post on Facebook left him a comment. So 104 opened his SoundCloud and listened to Whalethemigaloo’s songs, that’s why he joined  V:ACEMENT and THAT’S NO EXIT.
V:ACEMENT members are Whalethemigaloo(Lead), wo0nim, Yeony, Pur:Fume, LACOBART, Paul Royce, and 104.
THAT’S NO EXIT members are Whalethemigaloo(Lead), NEON IS GREEN, Churry, Ralph, and 104.
– V:ACEMENT and THAT’S NO EXIT have different colours. V:ACEMENT has popularity as  priority; TNE is a music crew that does the music you want to do regardless of popularity.
– His hobby is playing FIFA Online.
– He likes cats, but actually he prefers dogs. The reason why he chose a cat for his icon is because cats look cold.
– 104 wants to have a cold image.
– When making a song if he is on a good day it takes him about 1-2 hours, but if all goes bad he needs 1 month.
– ‘널 사랑하지 않는 건 내 답 안에 없어(Feat. HEMO)’ took 1.5 months to make. The lyrics are his true story and it was hard writing the lyrics.
– His dream and goal are to make a song collaboration with SIK-K and DPR Live, Penomeco, Jay Park.
– ‘ 104(백사)- Shake (feat. yelloasis)‘ on the SoundCloud has been played for 386k.

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