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‘回:Walpurgis Night’ (GFriend) Album Info

‘回:Walpurgis Night’ (GFriend) Album Info

回:Walpurgis Night is the fourth (including their Japanese album) and also the last album in the ‘回’ trilogy, making it GFriends last album before disbandment. This album is also the first to contain unit songs. It comes in 3 versions: My Room, My Way, and My Girls.

Label: Source Music
Release Date: November 9, 2020
Type: Studio Album
Recorded: c.2018; 2019—2020
Genre: K-pop
Length: 37:05

1. Mago (Title Track) – 3:19
Writers: FRANTS, “hitman” bang, Kyler Niko, Paulina Cerrilla, Eunha, Cho Yoon-kyung, Yuju, Alice Vicious, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg, JADED JANE, Noisy Citizen, Justin Reinstein, JJean, and Umji
Producers: FRANTS
Official MV | Dance Pratice | Blind folded Practice | COMEBACK SHOW Performance [回:Walpurgis Night] | MV Teaser #1 | MV Teaser #2

2. Love Spell – 3:08
Writers: FRANTS, Maria Marcus, “hitman” bang, Misung (VoidheaD), and ZNEE (Flying Lab)
Producers: FRANTS

3. Three of Cups – 3:28
Writers: Noh Joo-hwan, Lee Won-jong, Kim Jung-woo, and Mayu Wakisaka
Producers: Noh Joo-hwan and Lee Won-jong

4. GWRM – 3:30
Writers: Son Young-jin (MosPick), Yeahnice (MosPick), Ferdy (MosPick), and JayJay (MosPick)
Producers: MosPick

5. Secret Diary (Yerin and SinB) – 3:13
Writers: Noh Joo-hwan, Woong Kim, Andreas Öberg, Simon Petrén, Yerin, and SinB
Producers: Noh Joo-hwan
COMEBACK SHOW Performance [回:Walpurgis Night]

6. Better Me (Sowon and Umji) – 3:01
Writers: SCORE (13), MEGATONE (13), LUKE (13), Umji, and Sowon
Producers: 13
COMEBACK SHOW Performance [回:Walpurgis Night]

7. Night Drive (Eunha and Yuju) – 3:27
Writers: Noh Joo-hwan, Yuju, and Eunha
Producers: Noh Joo-hwan
COMEBACK SHOW Performance [回:Walpurgis Night]

8. Apple – 3:27
Writers: FRANTS, Pdogg, “hitman” bang, Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), Eunha, Hannah Robinson, Richard Phillips, Alex Nese, Chendy, Yuju, Noh Joo-hwan, Kim Jin (Makeumine Works), Gu Yeo-reum (Makeumine Works), and Lee Seu-ran
Producers: FRANTS, Pdogg, and “hitman” bang
COMEBACK SHOW Performance [回:Walpurgis Night]

9. 교차로 (Crossroads) – 3:23
Writers: Noh Joo-hwan and Lee Won-jong
Producers: Noh Joo-hwan and Lee Won-jong
COMEBACK SHOW Performance [回:Walpurgis Night]

10. Labyrinth – 3:21
Writers: Noh Joo-hwan,”hitman” bang, Lee Won-jong, Kim Jung-woo, FRANTS, Sophia Pae, Carlos K, ADORA, Cho Yoon-kyung, Kim Yeon-seo
Producers: Noh Joo-hwan, “hitman” bang, and Lee Won-jong

11. 앞면의 뒷면의 뒷면 (Wheel of the Year) – 3:48
Writers: Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) and Mayu Wakisaka
Producers: Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)

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